Real Wedding: A lesson Learned

11 Jul

Last year, Robert’s & Co. Events learned a valuable lesson that even planners have moments in life that can threaten to get in the way of even the most well laid plans. As I drove to the church for the rehearsal on the friday night before this wedding last year, I received a devastating call that my mother had had a massive stroke and was being rushed to the hospital in Florida. At Roberts & Co. we have protocols in place that keep a backup in case something like this happens but in the case of this wedding, I did not feel comfortable leaving our clients behind just moments before their rehearsal and VERY large wedding. We worked out a 5 am flight for Sunday morning after talking with doctors and getting the go ahead that if we stayed for the wedding my mom would be ok until Sunday.  We worked through the day of the wedding with the support and help of an amazing vendor team who understood I needed moral support, and kept a smile on my face for our clients and their parents. They were never the wiser (until now! ha!), and we had a very successful and amazing wedding.

The moral of this story is that you should build a team around you that you trust, not only your planner but the caterer, florist, photographer, ect. Your vendors should support each other, be team players, and always put the best interest of the wedding first. Without such a great team that Molly and Mike chose, that day in limbo before I could get to my mother could have been so much worse and so much harder for everyone.

Mike and Molly were such a joy to work with from the beginning. They always came to meetings with smiles and full of love which is so refreshing when planning can be stressful on so many couples. They wanted a vibrant affair at Newton White Mansion with great food, music, and a party that people would not stop talking about. I can do nothing but rave about most of our vendors (not only for the above reason, but because they all rock!) Big thank you to Vesic Photography for the beautiful photos and to Lisa at Petals and Promises for the most beautiful Peonies I have ever seen. They were so vibrantly red and lush!

vendor team

Photography-Vesic Photography

Church- Holy Redeemer Church (Kensington, Maryland)

Reception venue- Newton White Mansion

Catering- Main Event Caterers (Andrea Faletti)

Florist- Petals and promises  

Band- JukeBoxx (I can not say enough great things)

Photobooth- Photo in a Box

Hair and Makeup- Metro Elegance

Cake- Flowers Bakery (ordered and no show), Wegmans (replacement cake)

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Monika and Adam the Reception

8 Jul



Following up to Adam and Monika’s beautiful ceremony and portraits was a fun filled evening in the gardens of the Francis Barton House. They wanted to keep the evening light with Bluegrass music, a great bar, and small plates for guests to enjoy. Thank you again to Lisa Boggs Photography Lisa Boggs Photography for the beautiful photos!

monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_002 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_003 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_006 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_052 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_053 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_056 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_057 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_060 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_062 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_063 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_065 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_066 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_067 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_068 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_069 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_071 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_073 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_074 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_076 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_080 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_083 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_085 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_092 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_098 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_099 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_100 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_101 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_102

Monika and Adam a Winchester love story

7 Jul



Adam and Monika were married last year in the idyllic town of Winchester. Everything there has a feeling of a small intimate town while it is only an hour from DC. I am excited to finally share their wedding with you over the next two days with photos from the forever talented Lisa of Lisa Boggs Photography


Church- Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Catholic

Reception-Francis Barton House

Flowers- BlueBells

Band- Dry Mill Road

Photography- Lisa Boggs Photography

Cake- beckaboos

Hair- Lauren Cowgill

monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_011 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_013 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_014 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_015 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_016 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_017 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_018 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_019 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_020 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_022 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_023 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_026 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_027 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_032 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_033 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_035 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_037 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_039 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_040 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_043 monika_adam_southern_charm_wedding_047

Real Wedding: Stephanie and Johnathon Reception!

3 Jul

Here are the beautiful photos from Ethan Yang of Stephanie and Johnathon’s reception in the Pavilion room of the Ronald Reagan Building. They used their color story of eggplant, blush, and silver to make the room have a romantic setting while adding touches of modern luxury. I loved the mixture of square and round tables along with the clear resin chairs. Each guest received a yummy cookie from Snickety Snacks with a loving Zombie couple as a playful nod to the couples love of the walking dead. DJ Dan Goldman kept the dance floor packed all night and couples lounged on AFR rented pieces to keep with the lounge feel. Enjoy! All Photo Credits to

stephanie_john_0272 stephanie_john_0293 stephanie_john_0296 stephanie_john_0302 stephanie_john_0306 stephanie_john_0310 stephanie_john_0311 stephanie_john_0317 stephanie_john_0320 stephanie_john_0323 stephanie_john_0324 stephanie_john_0334 stephanie_john_0336 stephanie_john_0339 stephanie_john_0349 stephanie_john_0364 stephanie_john_0371 stephanie_john_0378 stephanie_john_0389 stephanie_john_0428 stephanie_john_0434 stephanie_john_0438 stephanie_john_0440 stephanie_john_0462