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S’more ways to say Thank You!

15 Mar

Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum…. that’s how I feel about Sweet Lydias delectable desserts. So what better way to say “Thank You” than giving your shower host or hostess one of Lydias delicious gift sets. Lydia makes her own marshmallows and I promise that you will never have another better s’more than her peanut butter or raspberry options! (She also has gluten free!) Enjoy and head over to see what other delish options she has on her super cute website!

Credit: Sweet Lydias

DIY Cocktail Kits

13 Mar

Sometimes you need a little liquid libation to get the party started and no one deserves it more than you bridal party. To make a gift to remember, pull together your favorite recipes in these DIY Cocktail kits, seen over at Victor Sizemore’s Blog All you need are a snazzy gift box, the ingredients for the cocktail, and directions to whip up the drink. For extra flair, purchase unique bottles or jars from places like World Market, Ikea, or the Container Store to put the liquor and mixers in. Put fun labels on the jars/containers and your wedding monogram on the box and Voila! you have a great gift!

credit: Kenny Sizemore


credit: Victor Sizemore


credit: Victor Sizemore

Chocolate Whimsy

5 Mar

Looking for a unique favor idea or want to add a little treat on the bar at your party? Look to Andie’s Specialty Sweets shop in Etsy. They have an assortment of unique edible treats for any occasion!! My personal favorite are the chocolate filled toad stools, if you wrap them in pastel tissue paper they would be a really cute addition to any place setting as favors.


Chocolate Starfish


White Chocolate filled Toadstools


These chocolate buttons are a great addition to add to the bar at the party. Use a bright colored bowl and use them instead of party nuts!!

Chocolate Buttons


Chocolate on Toffee pops


Edible scrabble tiles and holders

Veggie Table Delight

1 Mar
This table from Amy Atlas Blog is hands down one of the best treat tables I’ve ever seen! I’m certainly not a fruits and veggies kind of chick but this makes me want to raid the whole table!! The table was created by Esther Kim of My Bride Story to inspire her kids and other parents to find fun in fruits and veggies. I love the watermelon cubes and vegetable sticks with dips in the back. A great table trick for any party planner is to remember to decorate the table as a whole and use height to give some variation. She used Brussel sprouts in the front to decorate the front of the table and cabbage arrangements in the back for height.

credit: Serena Grace via Amy Atlas


credit: Serena Grace via Amy Atlas


credit: Serena Grace via Amy Atlas


credit: Serena Grace via Amy Atlas


credit: Serena Grace via Amy Atlas


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