DIY Coat Check Tags

20 Jan

credit: Style Me Pretty

Guests notice even the smallest of details, even when you don’t think they will! Take these cute coordinated Coat Check Tags for helping your guests keep up with their coats during cold winter months. I found this easy DIY tutorial over at Style Me Pretty to give pointers on how to create your own tags. My personally twist on these tags would be to replace their option of standard cardstock for printing on, and snazz it up with a fun colored paper from Paper Source !!

Tools Needed

X-acto knife, Ruler, Cutting Board (don’t damage those tables!)

1/8th Hole Punch

Eyelets & Eyelet setter

Cardstock (try Paper Source  for great colors)

Rotary Trimmer with perforating blade

Elastic or ribbon for ties


Design your own label using Word or Publisher and print on thick cardstock (try for 8 tags per 8×11 paper)

Trim each Tag out using an x-acto and ruler. Next use the  1/8″ hole punch and make a  hole to place the eyelet.

Before adding the eyelet, scored each card with the Rotary Trimmer with Perforating Blade so that the ticket can be torn evenly.

After adding the eyelet, Hammer in with Eyelet Setter

Thread through eyelet with elastic or ribbon and your done!!

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