Vintage Stamps for Wedding Wows

7 Feb

credit: OSBP


Over the holidays I received a card from a fellow planner that was covered in great vintage stamps, making me rethink my “pick the prettiest at the post office” theory I used when mailing out stationary. I started doing my research and found some great tips and insight on how to find great vintage stamps and of course photos to inspire!!

credit: Martha Stewart Weddings


1. Remember to check the postage amount needed on wedding invitations and STD’s before starting your search you will want to make sure that you are purchasing enough to cover the cost of the extra postage most wedding stationary requires!

2. Most vintage stamps are in smaller denominations so try to find stamps that are 15 cents and up to keep the number of stamps needed to a reasonable amount (also inform your calligrapher that you will probably need extra room on the envelope to accommodate the amount of stamps used)


3. Try looking for stamps that keep to your style or color. If you love sports look for vintage sporting stamps (baseball, football ect), if you are hosting an outdoor party look for outdoorsy stamps. If your colors are cool colors- keep the stamps as close to blues and greens to keep a monochromatic theme…. They dont ALL have to match- just try to make them personal to both your style!

credit: 100 Layer Cake


4. To purchase vintage stamps start at a local Stamp store such as…

Kennedy’s Stamps and Coins in Springfield VA (703-569-7300)

Maryland Stamps and Coins in Bethesda MD (480-704-7847)

Philatelics Elite Stamp Dealership in Arlington VA (801-943-5824) 

NOTE- when you go into a store or stamp show make sure to ask to see stamps that are “Face Value” only. These should not cost any extra as they don’t have collectors value- but can still be great for your project!

5. If you want to keep your hunt online, try this Search on Ebay. You can narrow down your results by color, style, type- and don’t feel the need to type in the word “Stamp” as you are already in the proper search area. Other great resources are Champion Stamp and Kenmore Stamp Co.


credit: Heart Love Weddings


credit: 100 layer cake

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